GoLanguages 2021

Go Languages 2021

“Languages. Cultures. Connections.”

LONDON | 15-16 OCTOBER 2021

Linguistic development through cultural connections

Brought to you by award-winning language institutions VICI Language Academy and VICI Languages France, GoLanguages 2021 is an engaging and inspiring linguistic and cultural programme, designed for enthusiastic and passionate French and English speakers who want to take their target language to the next level. Book now for your chance to get involved with this “express exchange” event.


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Premium central London venue with guest discounts available


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“The entire event was excellently organised and ideally paced, with a nice balance between tutorial, practical exercises and socialising with fellow students. I came away from the day pleased I’d been able to participate and learn more with useful tools to help me continue learning.”

John Conroy

“The dedication, enthusiasm and planning of the team made it a totally unique learning experience… By the last day, I felt almost like a local. I would definitely recommend this programme to others. It was totally what I had hoped for and it more than met my expectations.” 

Penny Rawle

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