GoLanguages 2022

GoLanguages 2022

“Languages. Cultures. Connections.”

LONDON | 27-28 MAY 2022

WHAT is GoLanguages 2022?

GoLanguages 2022 is a unique, inspiring language event, run in association with the UK’s VICI Language Academy and France’s VICI Languages France in the graceful comfort of the stunning Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel in Leicester Square, London.

Learning and truly understanding a new language is about so much more than studying books and reciting verb transitions!  And because we’re all unique, not everybody learns in the same way.

That’s why The VICI Language Academy and VICI Languages France have an ethos that centres around understanding their clients’ individual needs, desires, and linguistic objectives, focussing on a communicative approach.   VICI also advocates blended learning, combining in-class and out-of-class learning, using a range of books, interactive online exercises, games, brainteasers, and more.

Nothing can replace the immersion and engagement of face-to-face conversation and that’s where GoLanguages 2022 comes in – a natural extension of the blended learning methodology, with the emphasis on interaction.

Intimate, engaging and packed-full of opportunities for cultural connections, GoLanguages 2022 is like an express exchange programme across one intensive weekend. Under the careful supervision of experienced and qualified language coaches, attendees from both sides of the channel will be given guided, structured activities to undertake together in order to progress their shared aims of developing their communication skills in their target language in an engaging and social context.

And because the best learning takes place when one is happy, comfortable and at ease, GoLanguages 2022 will be taking place at the stylish and welcoming five star Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire, located in central London and situated minutes away from Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Soho, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and the city’s West End theatres to name but a few.

WHO is GoLanguages 2022 for?

GoLanguages 2022 is for people learning English or French as a second language.  We welcome all levels of fluency and confidence – this event is about leveraging cultural connections as a springboard for linguistic exchange, so don’t hesitate if your grammar is a bit rusty or your vocabulary needs brushing up! We’ll ensure you are exposed to exactly the right level of activities for you. If you’re in any doubt or want to understand more, simply contact us and we can help provide resources to assess your current language level.

WHO is hosting the event?

GoLanguages 2022 was conceived and implemented by Nathalie Danon, director of the award winning VICI Language Academy in the UK, and VICI Languages France in France.

Nathalie arrived in the UK in September 2000 with big ambitions to make the most of her bilingualism! After several years of successful private language coaching, in 2008 Nathalie opened The VICI Language Academy, now in its 11th year and going from strength to strength.

A corporate enterprise – VICI Language Dynamics – followed in 2012, and after further growth in 2019 Nathalie expanded into the French market with VICI Languages France.

The VICI Language Academy and VICI Languages France are highly respected boutique language academies, elite in their philosophy, programme structure, concept and resources. The VICI ethos is centred around not just teaching modern foreign languages but helping students truly live an experience, benefiting from decades of expertise spent coaching in the many different languages and cultures they offer.

Passionate about her language and culture, Nathalie has always been adamant that all VICI ventures will provide the best possible guidance and direction, inspiring and encouraging clients in their pursuit of bilingualism.

WHO are our coaches?

We’re delighted to introduce you to our GoLanguages 2022 coaches.

Nathalie Danon

GoLanguages Event Director

Corinna Anderson

English coach

Laure Gournay

French Coach

Shahriar Nejatbakhsh

English coach

Cécile Degg

French coach

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